EGIA Establishes Solar Installation Financing Program In California


The Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA) has announced a California energy efficiency and renewable energy program intended to assist homeowners in installing energy-efficient home improvements and solar energy solutions.

In cooperation with hundreds of California-based HVAC, window, insulation, home performance and solar contractors, EGIA's program will deliver preferential rates and extended-term unsecured financing.

‘The EGIA-sponsored financing program, funded by GE Money and American General Financial Services, is designed to accelerate statewide investments in energy efficiency and solar energy by offering homeowners a more streamlined, less expensive way to make home improvements,’ says Bruce Matulich, executive director of EGIA.

The EGIA program requires no equity, appraisals, title escrow fees or closing costs, and it will finance 100% of an energy efficiency or solar project.


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