eIQ Energy Completes First PV Installation


eIQ Energy has completed its first Parallel Solar installation using its vBoost DC-to-DC converter module. The 50 kW installation is located at a Big O Tires service center in Dublin, Calif., and supplies 75% of the facility's electrical needs.

According to the company, this installation illustrates Parallel Solar's ability to integrate different types of solar panels – a combination of cadmium telluride panels from First Solar and amorphous silicon panels from Signet Solar, as well as crystalline silicon panels from CentroSolar. All of the solar panels feed into a single Satcon 50 kW inverter.

This heterogeneous approach allows array designers to leverage the strong points of each technology, so that the array can perform well under varying combinations of temperature and sun exposure, eIQ energy says.

SOURCE: eIQ Energy

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