eIQ Energy Introduces New vBoost Converter Modules For Parallux System


eIQ Energy Inc. has released the vBoost 250 and vBoost 350 DC-to-DC converter modules, which the company says can reduce the installed cost and improve the efficiency of solar power arrays.

The vBoost 250 and 350 are the core components of eIQ Energy's Parallux system, which enables solar panels to be wired in parallel rather than in series. Parallel wiring reduces the amount of hardware needed for a solar array, simplifies array wiring, and removes many design and installation constraints, the company notes.

By applying advanced DC power management technology to solar energy, the vBoost modules also allow a large number of solar panels to be connected on a single cable. Over 100 thin-film panels can be linked – a 20-fold increase over traditional wiring schemes, eIQ Energy says.

eIQ Energy Inc.: (408) 533-8560

SOURCE: eIQ Energy Inc.

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