eIQ Energy Launches Parallux System


eIQ Energy Inc., headquartered in San Jose, Calif., has rolled out the Parallux system, which is built around the vBoost DC-to-DC converter module.

The system uses advanced DC power management technology to allow easy connection of solar panels in parallel rather than in a series, the company explains. This approach allows the connection of a number of panels on a single cable. For thin-film photovoltaic panels, the system architecture enables the connection of over 100 solar panels on each cable run – a twenty-fold improvement over conventional string architecture, according to eIQ Energy.

The parallel technology also mitigates the effects of panel mismatch due to shading and manufacturing variations, which can easily disrupt the performance of an entire string array, the company adds.

vBoost allows any solar panel to be connected in parallel to a constant high-voltage DC power bus and also incorporates distributed maximum power-point tracking. The DC bus voltage can be fixed at the optimal level for any inverter, improving inverter efficiency and reliability, eIQ Energy says.

eIQ Energy's Parallux system also includes panel-level monitoring for enhanced visibility into system operation to help streamline maintenance and ensure long-term system performance.

eIQ Energy: (408) 533-8560

SOURCE: eIQ Energy

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