eIQ Installing Parallel Wiring At 1.8 MW Solar Plant


eIQ Energy says its Parallel Solar technology has been selected for a new 1.8 MW solar power installation at a Bee Safe Storage facility in Murrieta, Calif. The installation will be completed by EcoOneEnergy of Escondido, Calif., using crystalline solar modules.

An array of this size requires thousands of solar modules, eIQ Energy explains. Traditionally, they would have been connected in series-wired strings (each typically containing a dozen or two modules), with each string being wired to a combiner box and then routed to an inverter.

Instead, the parallel wiring approach enabled by eIQ Energy's vBoost DC-to-DC voltage reduces the need for cabling, combiner boxes and other hardware – as well as the amount of labor needed during installation, according to the company.

SOURCE: eIQ Energy

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