eIQ Supplying Converter Modules For ‘Solar Curtain’ Technology


eIQ Energy, developer of Parallel Solar technology, says its vBoost DC-to-DC converter modules have been selected to provide voltage regulation and interconnection for a new line of glass curtain wall components with integrated solar photovoltaic energy-generating capabilities.

Focus Materials Inc., based in Sacramento, Calif., is now offering Focus Wall custom-fabricated glass-and-aluminum curtain walls with built-in thin-film solar technology from Abound Solar, along with eIQ Energy's vBoost modules. Focus Materials integrates eIQ Energy's vBoost modules and wiring into each panel's glass support structure along with snap-together electrical connectors designed to make panels easy to install and connect to the larger solar system.

According to the companies, Abound Solar's semi-transparent PV technology performs well in both high-temperature and low-light conditions and, when combined with eIQ Energy's constant-voltage vBoost converters, adds about 30% to the cost of standard curtain wall systems. The technology is available for both new building construction and renovations.

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