EJOT Solar Fastening Systems Introduces New Flashing


EJOT Solar Fastening Systems, represented by ATF Inc., has released a new product for three-tab asphalt shingle roofs. EJOT Solar Flashing has been developed and manufactured in the U.S.

The product offers a secure sealing in three different layers of a roof, the company says. It provides sealing between the flashing and the fastener (first sealing), sealing between the flashing and the upper shingle layer (second sealing), and sealing of the penetration through the second shingle layer (third sealing).

The system provides strong fastening and watertight sealing features without the need to use third-party sealants. Additionally, if the penetration must take place in a low between two highs, there is no need to shim the low under the flashing with extra asphalt to level out the surface, EJOT adds.

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