ElectraTherm Green Machines Installed At Concentrating Solar Power Plant


ElectraTherm Inc. says two ElectraTherm Green Machines have been installed at the Holaniku solar farm on Hawai'i Island. Keahole Solar Power LLC (KSP) purchased the Green Machines, which are used in a co-generation process to create additional power and increase system efficiencies.

The Holaniku solar farm uses Sopogy's micro-scale concentrating solar power concentrators for power generation. The Holaniku project represents the first commercial solar thermal application of ElectraTherm's organic Rankine cycle technology, powered by its patented Twin Screw Expander.

Existing processes at Holaniku use 3.8 acres of solar collectors that feed two 4,000-gallon tanks. These tanks supply the ElectraTherm Green Machines with hot water through an array of insulated pipes, valves, sensors and pumps.

SOURCE: ElectraTherm

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