Electronic Interconnect Introduces Circuit-Board Materials For PV Applications


Electronic Interconnect (EI) is now offering photovoltaic product manufacturers a wide range of printed circuit board materials, constructions and design expertise especially for high-power devices, LED, RF and wireless electronic assemblies, including inverters and module assembly.

These types of assemblies have special requirements for heat-management characteristics – an area in which EI specializes, says Pratish Patel, president and CEO. https://ebiteua.com/prostitutka-kiev.

‘EI is UL-certified for metal-clad PCBs and can work with various thicknesses of aluminum and copper metal cores, offering precise machining tolerances and high-quality fabrication services for effective thermal management and long-term board reliability,’ states Patel.

Electronic Interconnect: (800) 364-4844

SOURCE: Electronic Interconnect

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