Eltek THEIA HE-t Solar Inverter Earns New California Energy Commission Eligibility


Eltek, a provider of power systems for renewable energy projects and other applications, says its THEIA HE-t grid-tied solar inverters have been qualified for inclusion in the Emerging Renewables Program (ERP) by the California Energy Commission (CEC) with peak efficiency of up to 97%.

Successful testing and achievement of eligibility for the CEC's ERP verifies that Eltek's THEIA HE-t 2.0 kW, 2.9 kW, 3.8 kW and 4.4 kW transformer-isolated inverters deliver performance that meets or exceeds expectations for renewable energy devices used in grid-connected photovoltaic systems.

In addition to assessing inverter operation and performance efficiency, the CEC evaluation tests cover maximum power point tracking accuracy, photovoltaic array utilization, voltage and current operating windows and AC grid interface.

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