Emcore Concentrator Photovoltaic Solar Technology Deployed In China


Emcore, a company focused on solar photovoltaic technologies, deployed its first major concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) system into XinAo Group Co. Ltd.'s new solar energy unit in Langfang City, in the Hebei Province of northern China.

The initial 50 kW test and evaluation system is already fully installed, operational and meeting specs, Emcore says. The companies are engaged in discussions regarding the possible construction of a joint-owned plant in China to manufacture CPV systems designed and certified by Emcore.

The technology to be manufactured is based on Emcore's compound semi-based Concentrating Triple Junction solar cells, which have an n-on-p polarity built on germanium substrates and incorporate an antireflective coating to provide low reflectance over a wavelength range of 0.3 to 1.8 micrometers. These high-efficiency cells are characterized and optimized specifically for terrestrial applications under concentrated incident illumination (up to 1500 suns) and high current densities.

SOURCE: Emcore

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