EMPO-NI Introduces Solar Charger Products


EMPO-NI, a technology company headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany, has introduced its series of battery charge products to the North American market.

The SOL-1 Maximum Power Point Tracking battery charger is designed to offer flexibility in battery-powered systems. The circuit topology of the SOL-1 allows to charge in step-down mode 12 V batteries out of 12 V solar panels, but in step-up configuration, as unique feature, the unit can also charge 24 V batteries out of standard 12 V solar panels. Voltage levels and conversion modes are detected automatically.
The SOLmini series of solar panel integrated battery chargers has been developed for immediate integration into a standard connection box of solar panel manufacturers reaching protection classes of IP65 and more. The robust circuit topology, along with carefully selected components and devices, provides compactness and reliability, the company says.

The SOLmini is available for up to 40W/12V class and 80W/24V class solar panels. A 75W/12V version will follow Q4/2009. A series of SOLmini controllers are available already integrated into a panel.

EMPO-NI: 49 032223328601


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