Empower Energies And EPG Solar Complete 3.7 MW Project In Shirley, Mass.


Empower Energies Inc. says it has completed and commissioned a 3.7 MW DC (3.0 MW AC) solar array in Shirley, Mass.

The ground-mounted installation, situated on 27 acres of Shirley Water District land, features 13,047 photovoltaic panels and will deliver over 4.9 million kWh of electricity annually to the contiguous Devens Utilities Department, significantly increasing the renewable energy contribution to the MassDevelopment subsidiary's energy portfolio.

Empower Energies co-developed the project with Washington, D.C.-based EPG Solar. Both companies selected Green States Energy Inc. to be the investor/owner of the system.

Ann Towne, Shirley Energy Committee secretary, says the facility provides a revenue stream to the water district in the form of a land lease and to the Town of Shirley in the form of an annual tax payment. ‘It's a 20-year agreement, with a 10-year renewable option," she says.

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