Empower Energies Launches Financing Portal For Project Developers


Clean energy solutions provider Empower Energies has launched the Developer Growth Engine, an online tool suite for renewable energy developers seeking project financing for commercial solar or combined heat and power projects.

This company says this Web-based platform features a project pricing tool that developers can use to establish indicative pricing for power purchase agreements or energy service agreements, as well as a simplified pathway for sourcing development capital, construction financing, “take-out” capital and back-office services.

“Financing is one of the commercial solar developer’s greatest challenges, whether they need the development capital to take a project to NTP, the construction finance to get that project to COD or, ultimately, someone to buy the project,” comments Michael Wright, executive vice president of strategic marketing at Empower Energies. “With the Developer Growth Engine, developers get direct access to all of these forms of finance, as well as a quick understanding of the competitive terms of their project pricing.”

The company says the Developer Growth Engine offers a streamlined path for developers to procure construction finance to fund up to 100% of their project costs, and the portal also offers development capital, which may be difficult to acquire.

More information is available here.


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