Enecsys Launches PV Micro-Inverter


Cambridge, U.K.-based Enecsys Ltd. has introduced its first solar PV grid-connected micro-inverter for the European and North American markets. According to the company, a solar PV system based on Enecsys' micro-inverters will have improved energy harvest and, therefore, cut the cost of harvested power by up to 20% over the lifetime of the installation, compared with a conventional system using string inverters.

The Enecsys micro-inverter is equipped with a built-in ZigBee wireless communication system that connects to the Internet via a gateway and provides detailed information on the performance of each solar module.

The micro-inverter is designed for high-reliability operation and to have a life expectancy of at least 25 years, thereby matching the life of solar modules to which they are directly connected, Enecsys adds. Three product versions are available: one for 200 W maximum inverter input power, one for 240 W output and one for 280 W output.

The products operate on both European (220-240 Vac, 50 Hz) and North American (110-120 Vac, 60 Hz) electricity grids. Products are presently CE-certified, and country-specific requirements, including VDE V 0126-1: 2006 compliance, are achieved through the use of specific Enecsys installation products. The North American market certification, UL1741, is expected in July.

Enecsys Ltd.: 44 01223792101

SOURCE: Enecsys Ltd.

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