Enecsys Selects ZigBee Tech For PV Monitoring Systems


Enecsys Ltd., a provider of PV micro-inverters, has teamed with Ember to bring wireless ZigBee communications to rooftop solar photovoltaic systems.

Enecsys has integrated Ember's ZigBee system-on-chip and ZigBee PRO software into its SMI series of micro-inverters. Each Enecsys micro-inverter has Ember's ZigBee technology built in to communicate detailed information on the performance of each solar module, the company explains. The Ember-enabled micro-inverters provide real-time and historical data to a graphical interface.

The ZigBee-based monitoring system can be used to detect performance issues and pinpoint the exact location and nature of the problem, such as shading or dust on a section of a module. The micro-inverter also connects to an Ember-enabled ZigBee-to-IP gateway that enables monitoring from any Internet device, Enecsys adds.

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