Enecsys Unveils New Solar Micro-Inverter Platform With Improved Output


Enecsys Ltd., a supplier of micro-inverter products for the global solar market, has launched the second generation of its micro-inverter platform.

The platform features a new communications gateway and online monitoring service. In addition, the new micro-inverter dramatically boosts energy harvest through a combination of improved efficiency and increased maximum output power ability, yielding up to 33% improvement in maximum power output over the prior Enecsys offering, the company says.

Two packages are available: One is specifically designed to respond to integration opportunities across a wide range of PV module manufacturers that offer integrated AC modules, while the other is a traditional rack-mount version enabling custom installer configurations.

The inverter is currently offered in single versions in increments from 240 W up to 300 W maximum AC output, with a peak efficiency of 96.5%, the company adds.

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