Energiebau North America Debuts PV Mounting System


Energiebau North America, based in Somerset, N.J., has launched the Lorenz solo PV mounting system. The product incorporates a click-and-tighten process that is secure, safe and code compliant, according to the company.

Energiebau Founder and Chairman Michael Schafer says the product was developed specifically for the U.S. market and meets all applicable federal and state engineering standards and codes.

Designed for pitched roofs, the system makes module installation a dependable and fast process, minimizing labor cost and increasing returns on investment, the company says. It is installed through a four-step process: Installers attach the ‘click connector’ bracket to the mounting base on the roof, click the mounting rail into the click connector, secure the solar modules using click-on module clamps and tighten the module clamps.

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