EnergieSoftware Releases New Version Of Solar PV Design Software


EnergieSoftware GmbH has released version 3.0 of PV express, a design and simulation program for grid-connected photovoltaic systems, which includes a new inverter configuration selection and automatic Internet update functionality to ensure that the module and inverter databases are kept current.

PV express databases include the required technical data for about 2,000 modules and approximately 700 inverters, the company says. Also, the databases can be edited, so new modules and inverters can be added by the user at any time.

With PV express, users can assess generator output through a two-dimensional diagram of the available roof area. Users can enter the measurements of the roof and determine the maximum possible number of pre-selected modules. The inverter configuration selection provides automatic configuration for two inverter types. Alternatively, three types of inverters can be configured by manual selection.

EnergieSoftware: 49 0305884390

SOURCE: EnergieSoftware

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