Energy Innovations Launches RayTracker GC Solar Solution


Energy Innovations Inc. has announced the immediate availability of RayTracker GC, a single-axis solar tracker for ground-mount and carport-mount applications that maximizes the energy yield of a photovoltaic system.

The company says RayTracker supports a wide range of PV panel types and was developed with a focus on performance, reliability and installed cost. Concurrent with its general availability, RayTracker is being deployed as part of installations totaling over 2.6 MW.

The system uses factory pre-assembled parts to reduce in-field installation time and labor; employs microprocessor and GPS-based controllers that require no adjustment or calibration; and has a 25-year design life with documented component and system-level testing. RayTracker also features proprietary tracker-to-tracker shade-avoidance technology, precision distributed actuation for increased tracking accuracy over the entire installation, and low actuation energy budget.

Energy Innovations: (626) 585-6900

SOURCE: Energy Innovations

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