Energy Innovations Selects Dassault Systemes Software


Paris-based Dassault Systemes, a provider of 3-D and product life cycle management solutions, says that Energy Innovations Inc., a developer of high-concentration photovoltaic commercial solar products, has installed DS' Abaqus finite element analysis (FEA) software from its SIMULIA line.

By using Abaqus FEA to simulate the effects of nonlinear materials and loads such as gravity, wind and shipping loads on its designs, Energy Innovations has been able to optimize its concentrating photovoltaic design product and reduce costs.

Energy Innovations' flagship product line, the Sunflower, integrates photovoltaic modules, power optimization, an embedded controller and wireless communication to produce cost-competitive solar power, the company states. The technology is the first and only solar concentrator to earn a UL listing.

‘Abaqus FEA provides the usability and robustness we need to evaluate realistic performance during the design phase,’ says Mindy Jacobson, lead engineer at Energy Innovations. ‘By leveraging realistic simulation solutions from SIMULIA, we are able to develop the most cost-efficient design, which is helping us drive the price of solar-electricity below the price of fossil-fuel electricity.’

SOURCES: Dassault Systemes, Energy Innovations

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