Energy Labs Introduces New Propac Drainback System


Energy Labs, a provider of solar water heating products, has introduced the 2010 Propac, an integrated system including a drainback reservoir, heat exchanger, pumps, controls, valves, plumbing and wiring. All the components are pre-connected and pre-tested inside the device.

The 2010 Propac eliminates temperature sensors on the collector array and storage tank. This new configuration, making the system essentially wireless, saves time and materials for installation and makes the system more reliable, according to the company. The design protects the sensors from moisture and lightning.

The system's configuration allows for installations up to 33 feet below the solar collector and 60 feet from solar storage tank. The product is approved for use with either flat-plate or vacuum-tube solar collectors and can transfer up to 41,000 Btus per hour, Energy Labs says.

Energy Labs Inc.: (904) 693-4555

SOURCE: Energy Labs Inc.

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