Energy Storage Company JuiceBox Energy Rebrands As Adara Power


JuiceBox Energy, a California-based energy storage company formed in 2013, has rebranded itself as Adara Power. The company says interest in residential energy storage has grown dramatically worldwide in order for consumers to capture self-produced solar energy, reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their reliance on utilities.

“The rebranding to Adara Power signifies the growth we’ve achieved as a company, as well as an acknowledgement that building an intelligent and sustainable energy source is more than just designing a box with good batteries,” states Neil Maguire, founder and CEO of Adara Power.

Adara says its 8.6 kWh energy storage system is an intelligent and stackable lithium-ion battery product that is housed in an indoor/outdoor, floor- or wall-mounted UL-rated enclosure. The system has already been installed in seven U.S. states, including California, Nevada, New York, Maine, Hawaii, Utah and North Carolina. In addition, Adara says it recently achieved a milestone of 5 MWh peak-shifted by its network of distributed residential energy storage systems.

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