Energy Storage Tech Provider Links Up with Solar Distributor


Exro Technologies Inc. has entered into a channel partnership agreement with Greentech Renewables Southwest, one of the largest solar equipment distributors in the U.S., to support the go-to-market strategy for its Cell Driver energy storage system.

Exro says the primary objective for 2023 is to successfully introduce the Cell Driver product to Greentech’s network of commercial integrators, beginning with the development of a joint sales and marketing plan, including a pilot project. Several sites are being evaluated for the pilot.

The second phase of the agreement will see Greentech, along with its network of solar installers, providing a flexible product demand forecast on a rolling 12- and 24-month period over the five-year term of the agreement.

The energy storage system, consisting of Exro’s Cell Driver integrated with Greentech’s solar panel products and services, will be designed to serve as a flexible energy asset – a value-add that supports peak shaving and grid reliability, while also having potential applications for fully off-grid projects, the company says.

With over 80 locations in major solar markets in the U.S., Greentech offers extensive on-site inventory and logistics support, in addition to financing, design and engineering services.

“We are thrilled to welcome Greentech as our first U.S. partner as we build a network of leading integrators and customers that will support taking Cell Driver to market,” says Exro CEO Sue Ozdemir. “Greentech is a highly reputable partner through which our Cell Driver can be marketed, sold, distributed and serviced.”

Cell Driver provides an increased depth of control over battery cells, resulting in superior charging, deeper discharge rates, enhanced safety and continuous operation, Exro says. This enables commercial and industrial buildings to manage energy consumption, safeguard against grid outages, store energy produced on-site, and realize benefits through peak shaving and load shifting.

Exro notes that Cell Driver remains on schedule to complete UL certification in late Q2 2023.

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