Energy Systems And Installation Plans 1 MW Solar Farm In Pa.


Energy Systems and Installation (ESI), a commercial-scale solar integrator headquartered in Jonestown, Pa., has signed a contract to construct a 1 MW solar array in Sacramento, Pa.

The project will provide electricity for the largest potato grower in the state, Sterman Masser Potato Farms. Once completed, it will be the second-largest solar array in the state, according to ESI. The project will occupy six acres of land and offset approximately 40% of the plant's electricity needs.

Sterman Masser Potato Farms was awarded a $1 million project grant through the Commonwealth Finance Authority. The money was provided as part of the $650 million Energy Independence Fund that Gov. Edward G. Rendell signed into law in 2008. A $1.6 million U.S. Treasury grant will also assist with the financing of the solar array.

The project announcement was made in conjunction with the grand opening of the company's new headquarters.

SOURCE: Energy Systems and Installation

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