Enerize Corp. Improves Quality Control Methods


Enerize Corp., an emerging alternative energy company based in Coral Springs, Fla., has developed nondestructive testing methods and equipment that can be applied to real-time in-line quality assurance while manufacturing solar cells.

‘To meet global needs for cleaner energy, both industry leaders and start-up companies have recently launched new manufacturing facilities for production of efficient clean energy devices, from solar cells to lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells,’ says Elena Shembel, Enerize's chief executive officer and co-founder. ‘Our company has developed technologies and designs that could significantly improve quality assurance and operational efficiency for these manufacturing facilities.’

Earlier this year, Enerize says it completed a financing round from private investors, including Robert Kutnick and Jeffrey Krantz, to further develop its solutions. Kutnick and Krantz recently joined Enerize as board members and advisors responsible for business development, the company adds.

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