Enerqos Begins Constructing Four Solar Systems In Italy


Enerqos has begun work on four solar farm installations in Apulia, Italy. Last year, the company signed an agreement with Europe-based merchant bank NextEnergy Capital to finance the construction. The value of these initial projects is approximately 20 million euros.

The construction of the four farms, each with a 1 MW production capacity, will be undertaken by Enerqos and will use the latest technology to ensure both maximum facilities performance and the highest return on investment possible, the companies note. One system will feature the biaxial Solar Totem tracking technology, patented by Enerqos, which will allow performance to be increased by 38% compared to conventional fixed-mounting systems.

All of the projects will be equipped with a sophisticated remote-management system, based on the Osiride PVE operating system, also patented by Enerqos, to provide advanced service management for monitoring performance and the timely detection of any operational anomalies.

SOURCES: Enerqos, NextEnergy Capital

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