Enersol Designs 4 MW Of Systems For Schools In Hawaii


Enersol LLC has finalized the last design packages for 33 of the Department of Education's photovoltaic projects, totaling around 4 MW, on Oahu and Kauai in Hawaii.

This project comprises 11 systems for 9 schools on Oahu and 22 systems for 15 schools on Kauai. The systems vary in size and will consist of about 17,000 PV modules. Once complete, they will produce roughly 6 MWh annually.

Enersol was awarded the design and engineering portion of these projects early last year. The first designs received permits in mid-2012, and installation teams are currently working on these permitted sites, with work scheduled to be complete on all sites by the end of this year, says the company.

Enersol, a local start-up founded in 2012, has a total of around 10 MW of solar, hydroelectric and wind projects across Hawaii and the South Pacific.

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