EnerSys Releases EcoSafe Line Of Battery Products


EnerSys has broadened its product support for the renewable energy market with the launch of its EcoSafe line of lead, nickel and lithium batteries. The products were developed specifically for renewable energy storage applications, including solar.

EnerSys says its EcoSafe products include an enhanced line of lead chemistry batteries, as well as batteries that employ nickel and lithium technologies. The batteries offer a selection of energy storage solutions designed to meet the requirements of the latest renewable power generating operations.

This year, EnerSys has been investing in its worldwide manufacturing facilities to expand the capacity of lead-based products, including its proprietary thin-plate pure lead technology. Recent investments have also led to new developments in nickel-based products for solar and wind applications and developments in new lithium-based solutions.

EnerSys: (610) 208-1991


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