EnerWorks Completes Solar Thermal Systems In Canada


EnerWorks, a manufacturer of solar thermal equipment and collectors, recently commissioned systems for Les Jardins Lebourgneuf in Quebec City and the Confederation Inn in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

The Quebec City project, which features 40 commercial collectors and the accompanying EnerWorks commercial Solar Energy Unit (SEU), provides residents of the community with solar-heated water. The Confederation Inn project also comprises 40 collectors installed by EnerWorks.

‘Confederation Inn will be pre-heating their guests' water throughout their 42 rooms and also heating their pool using the solar collectors,’ says Peter Karras of Prairie Alternative Energy, which worked with Confederation Inn on the project. ‘With federal and local grants, they are looking at a payback on the investment in about six years and close to $300,000 in net energy savings over the life of the system.’

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