EnerWorks Double-Walled Heat Exchanger System Receives CSA Certification


Dorchester, Ontario-based EnerWorks says its Spectrum solar water-heating appliance with a double-wall heat exchanger has achieved Canadian Standards Association system certification.

According to the company, this system is the only double-wall system to date to meet the necessary CSA requirements. The certification applies to EnerWorks' one- to four-panel systems.

‘The difference between these two appliances is that the energy station contains a heat exchanger with double-wall construction,’ says Andrew Mauchlen, EnerWorks Engineering Manager. ‘Both are certified as safe by CSA – the single wall because the pressure of the food-grade heat transfer fluid loop is lower than that of the potable water system, and the double wall heat exchanger due to its construction.’

The Spectrum appliance with a double-wall heat exchanger has been developed to comply with the municipal regulations of those jurisdictions in the U.S. and Canada that still require double-walled construction. For areas where this is not a regulatory requirement, EnerWorks offers its standard appliance with a single-wall heat exchanger.

EnerWorks: (519) 268-6500

SOURCE: EnerWorks

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