EnerWorks Introduces New Solar Water Heating Products


EnerWorks has introduced its new wireless Thermal Energy Controller and portable or wall-mounted Thermal Energy Monitor for solar water heating systems.

The Thermal Energy Controller is integrated into the EnerWorks Energy Pack, which is mounted on a solar hot water storage tank as part of an EnerWorks residential solar water heating appliance. It directs and monitors the appliance, ensuring optimized performance. It also controls the pump within the appliance, enabling the future inclusion of secondary applications, such as pool or space heating. The Thermal Energy Monitor communicates directly with the Thermal Energy Controller and enables homeowners to view system performance from anywhere in the home.

‘The controller is designed to maximize the potential of solar energy over the long lifetime of the appliance,’ says Ken Arnold, EnerWorks' senior vice president of corporate development.

At the touch of a button, the homeowner can scroll through output displays, including daily, monthly, annual and lifetime dollar savings, energy produced and reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Users can also check the current temperature of the appliance and the water it is heating. The controller is able to run off AC main power or a 12 V DC solar PV panel.

EnerWorks: (519) 268-6500

SOURCE: EnerWorks

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