EnerWorks Introduces Two New Products


Solar thermal technology provider EnerWorks has added two options to its product line-up: a new double-wall heat exchanger in its Energy Station and a new flexible bundled line set.

The double-wall heat exchanger has been developed to comply with the municipal regulations of some jurisdictions in the U.S. and Canada, the company notes. For areas where this is not a regulatory requirement, EnerWorks offers its standard single-wall heat exchanger.

‘The double-wall heat exchanger has been engineered to ensure that there is no loss in efficiency, compared to our single-wall heat exchanger, so the maximum amount of the solar energy captured is used to heat your water,’ says Tony Ali, vice president of sales and marketing at EnerWorks.

The new bundled line set is intended to simplify the installation of EnerWorks' solar water heating appliances by providing a one-piece, flexible component with quick-connect fittings at each end.

The line set is available in 50-foot (15.24 meter) and 75-foot (22.86-meter) lengths. According to EnerWorks, the product facilitates fast and easy connections between the roof-, rack- or wall-mounted solar collectors and the Energy Station mounted on the hot water storage tank, typically located in a utility or mechanical room.

EnerWorks: (519) 268-6500

SOURCE: EnerWorks

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