EnerWorks Releases New Solar Water Heating System


EnerWorks has introduced its new Solar Energy Unit (SEU) application for solar water heating in commercial and industrial applications. An integrated pump, heat exchanger and intelligent control system are all contained in a compact housing, eliminating the need to obtain and assemble components from various sources, the company says.

"The Solar Energy Unit is pre-assembled and factory-tested to facilitate a quick, turnkey installation," says Florin Plavosin, product engineering manager at EnerWorks." It's a key part of our total solutions approach to meeting our customers' needs, with its multi-speed pumps and Programmable Logic Controller enabling customization for each installation, optimizing performance for the specific site conditions and ensuring cost-effective operation."

The SEU is available in three sizes and supports 40 kW to 300 kW, or 20 to 120 solar collectors, while larger systems can be built with multiple SEUs. Its applications include hospitals, long-term care facilities, hotels, multifamily and institutional housing, industrial processes, commercial operations and community centers – particularly those with pools.

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