Enfinity Joins PV Cycle As Full Member


Enfinity, an international renewable energy project developer, says it has become a full member of PV Cycle, the European association that facilitates the recycling of end-of-life photovoltaic solar panels.

The aim of PV Cycle is to establish and operate a formalized process so that solar energy companies can collect and recycle PV panels in a structured manner. Enfinity's acceptance into the association means that its own solar panels are now officially recognized and can be taken to a PV Cycle Collection Point for recycling at the end of their life cycle.

In Italy, where Enfinity has a distribution facility in Milan, the government has recently implemented an act that requires solar companies to be certified with the PV Cycle label in order to qualify for recycling, Enfinity adds. This rule is expected to be implemented at the Europe-wide level in the form of a European Union general directive.

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