Engineered Conductive Materials Develops New Materials


Engineered Conductive Materials LLC (ECM) has developed the DB-1541-X Series, which will be formally introduced at the upcoming 25th European Photovoltaic Solar Conference in Valencia, Spain, in September.

ECM's DB-1541-X Series was developed to exhibit rubber-like flexibility to reduce stress in the bond line, impart resistance to thermal cycling, mitigate the risk of delamination and increase the overall peel strength of the assembly, the company says.

Another essential criterion for the cell interconnects in PV panels is the ability to withstand high-temperature and high-humidity environments. Under damp heat conditions, corrosion of non-noble metals like tin and tin-silver is accelerated. The new DB-1541-X Series has demonstrated unchanged electrical performance after 1,000 hours at 85/85 on tin, tin-silver and some copper surfaces, according to ECM.

Engineered Conductive Materials: (740) 203-2950

SOURCE: Engineered Conductive Materials

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