Engineered Conductive Materials Introduces New Conductive Adhesive


Engineered Conductive Materials, a global supplier of conductive interconnect materials for photovoltaic applications, has released the fast-curing CA-141 conductive adhesive for stringing and bussing copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) solar modules.

According to the company, this material formulation has been optimized for excellent conductivity and stability on molybdenum and other substrates used in thin-film manufacturing. The low Tg content makes it suitable for manufacturing flexible modules using reel-to-reel manufacturing.

The material can be partially cured for 60 to 90 seconds, providing enough green strength to withstand induced stresses from the manufacturing process until the adhesive cure is completed during the encapsulant lamination process, Engineered Conductive Materials adds. CA-141 has optimized rheology for dispensing, damp-heat resistance and conductivity stability on molybdenum, tin, tin-silver and silver-plated ribbons.

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