Engineered Conductive Materials Launches New Grid Inks


Engineered Conductive Materials LLC, a global supplier of conductive interconnect materials for photovoltaic applications, has introduced two new conductive grid inks, CI-1031-7 and CI-1031-8, for use in thin-film solar modules.

These material formulations have been optimized for excellent conductivity and low contact resistance on transparent conductive oxides used in solar applications, the company says. The CI-1031 series features high solids contents and rheologies designed to enable screen printing of high-aspect-ratio fine lines to maximize the print thickness and reduce shadowing.

The low-stress, low-shrinkage thermosetting inks also offer excellent moisture resistance and low polymeric creep, according to the company. Line resistivity is 8 m�/sq/mil (1 mil emulsion; 230 mesh).

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