Engineered Conductive Materials Releases Conductive Adhesive


Engineered Conductive Materials has introduced 530-121 conductive adhesive designed for ribbon stringing in thin-film solar modules. The price of this material formulation is 60% of the cost of a pure silver-filled material and has been optimized for conductivity and stability on various substrates when cured at 150 degrees C, according to the company.

The 530-121 has a dispensing work life greater than 48 hours (measured as a 25% increase in viscosity), while maintaining optimized rheology for dispensing and damp heat resistance, the company explains.

In addition, the material has conductivity stability on molybdenum and tin, tin-silver and silver-plated ribbons. The 530-121 features a rubber-like flexibility that can be used for flexible photovoltaic applications.

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