Englert, Dawn Solar Systems Collaborate On Solar Thermal Roofing System


Englert Inc., a producer of rainware and metal roofing products and accessories, and Dawn Solar Systems Inc., a developer and manufacturer of solar thermal systems for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial structures, have announced that Englert has become a stocking authorized distributor of Dawn Solar's systems, with installation and service being provided by a network of authorized Englert solar thermal installers.

Together, Englert and Dawn Solar will be able to provide customers with an integrated solar thermal roofing system, including pumps, tanks and controls for water, space and process heating applications. The system is available for both new roof and re-roofing applications, and distribution will be available throughout North America, according to the companies.

Both the roofing and the solar thermal components are eligible for a 30% federal investment tax credit and for accelerated depreciation under the federal Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System for both residential and commercial solar installations.

The Dawn Solar thermal system uses roofing material that radiates heat after it reaches a certain temperature, which the companies say prevents overheating and component damage when the system is inactive for extended periods of time. The same thermal technology can be reversed at night to provide building and process cooling, or to send warm liquid back to a snow-covered roof, where the standing seam metal heats up, melting snow quickly and efficiently.

SOURCES: Englert, Dawn Solar Systems

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