Englert Environmental System Integrates Solar Electric, Thermal And Rainwater-Harvesting


Englert Environmental has unveiled an integrated metal roofing system that can deliver much of the energy, heating and water needs of the average American home without tapping into local utility resources. The UltraCOOL Energy Star and LEED compliant standing seam metal roof system provides electric power, hot water heat and water for outdoor and indoor uses all in a single package.

The system features Englert's SunNet solar standing seam roof with building-integrated photovoltaics, using quarter-inch-thick laminates that are virtually invisible and provide all the electric energy the average home requires year-round, the company says. A solar thermal system mounted under the Englert Solar standing seam roof draws heat from the roof and transfers it to the home's hot water system.

Three rainwater harvesting solutions that integrate Englert's Kynar-coated standing seam roof, Englert LeafGuard and Gutter Tunnel leaf protection systems and three compact residential rainwater harvesting kits that capture 225, 400 and 1,700 gallons of water for non-potable uses.

Englert Environmental: (732) 826 8614

SOURCE: Englert Environmental

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