ENN Produces Tandem Junction Solar Panels With Applied SunFab Line


ENN Solar Energy Co. Ltd. says it has produced China's first 5.7 square-meter, high-efficiency, tandem junction thin-film photovoltaic panels using a SunFab Thin Film Line, rated at 60 MW per year, supplied by Applied Materials Inc.

Working together at ENN's facility in Langfang, China, ENN and Applied achieved this milestone five months after equipment installation. These ultra-large PV panels are nearly four times larger than conventional modules on the market and use Applied's innovative tandem junction technology to deliver significantly higher conversion efficiencies at competitive costs, ENN Solar notes.

‘By combining the high efficiency of tandem junction technology with ultra-large 5.7m2 substrates, we're able to deliver modules that dramatically reduce installed cost per watt,’ states Dr. Rick Wan, general manager of ENN Solar.

SOURCE: ENN Solar Energy Co. Ltd.

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