Enphase Energy Introduces New Micro-Inverter With 25-Year Warranty


Enphase Energy has launched what the company says is its most efficient and powerful technology to date -Â the 215-Series micro-inverter, which features a 25-year limited warranty.

The first product in the 215-Series, the stand-alone M215 micro-inverter is immediately available for purchase in North America from Enphase's authorized distributors. In addition to its new micro-inverter products, Enphase has also launched the Engage System, a patent-pending mechanical and electrical interconnection system for streamlining solar installations.

All 215-Series products incorporate Enphase's third-generation technology, which was specially developed to maximize the performance of 60-cell photovoltaic modules, the company says. The unit features a weighted power conversion efficiency of 96% and a 215 W AC output, 13% higher than previous generations.

A European model will be available for purchase in the second half of the year, Enphase adds. Micro-inverter-enabled AC modules from module manufacturers are expected to ship in the first half of 2012.

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