Enphase Energy Releases Solar Micro-Inverter System


Enphase Energy Inc. has released its Enphase Energy Micro-inverter System, which uses advanced technologies to maximize energy harvest and increase the reliability of solar systems. In addition, the Enphase Micro-inverter turns each solar module into a ‘smart’ module by connecting it to the Internet, thereby providing greater visibility and analysis of solar system performance.

The system comprises the Enphase Micro-inverter (a fully integrated device that converts the DC output of a single solar module into grid-compliant AC power), Enphase EMU (Energy Management Unit) and Enphase Enlighten (a Web-based visualization and analytics tool that provides production insight on a per-module basis).

‘The Enphase Energy team is proud to bring to the solar market the industry's first micro-inverter system,’ says Paul Nahi, president and CEO of Enphase Energy. ‘We have over 1,000 units deployed in the field, and customers are seeing energy-harvest increases of five to 25 percent.’

Enphase Energy: (877) 797-4743

SOURCE: Enphase Energy

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