Enphase Study Claims System Performance Gains


Micro-inverter provider Enphase Energy has released results from a field performance study showing that Enphase installations, on average, perform 8% higher than their PVWatts calculator predictions, according to the company.

The study examined energy production data from over 143 Enphase systems installed by Real Goods Solar, Solar Universe and Astrum Solar in California and the Eastern U.S. This information was compared to performance forecasts generated by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's PVWatts calculator, based on geographic location, system design factors and product specifications for each installation.

The full study can be found here.

In addition, the company has added a performance estimation tool to Enlighten, its Web-based monitoring and analysis software. This new feature allows installers to more accurately analyze the performance of their Enphase installations, according to the company. Installers can register solar energy system design information, such as location, azimuth, tilt, module type and additional parameters, in order to generate the corresponding PVWatts production estimation in Enlighten.

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