Enphase Supplies Micro-Inverters For 660 kW Solar Plant


Enphase Energy says its micro-inverters are now powering a 660 kW solar farm located near Delavan, Wis. Convergence Energy LLC, a Wisconsin-based full-service integrator of solar energy systems, developed the 14-acre site.

The project is the first in Wisconsin to allow qualified individuals to own part of a solar farm, Enphase notes. Convergence's ownership structure, known as Networked Solar, allows multiple people to buy into the farm.

The Convergence project site hosts 99 dual-axis trackers utilizing nearly 2,000 Enphase micro-inverters. Helios Solar Works provided solar modules for the trackers sourced from OPEL Solar Inc. and DEGERenergie. Dual-axis trackers were chosen to maximize energy production, which represents an estimated 30% increase in energy harvest over fixed-mount arrays, Enphase adds.

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