Enphase Systems Deploys 2.3 MW Rooftop Installation In Canada


Enphase Energy Inc. says it has contributed over 9,000 of its M215 microinverters to a 2.3 MW solar project at Vine Fresh Produce Ltd. in Ontario, Canada. Sentinel Solar of Vaughan, Ontario, managed the installation of over 9,000 Enphase M215 micro-inverters (made in Ontario) and Jinko solar modules.

The solar array at Vine Fresh Produce replaces part of the roof structure of a large greenhouse facility, leaving the underside of each solar module exposed. Enphase says this gives Sentinel and its customers easy access to each module and microinverter without having to navigate on top of a roof.

The three-phase commercial rooftop solar PV array is part of the province's feed-in tariff program.

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