Enphase Updates Installer Toolkit Mobile App


Enphase Energy Inc. has updated its Enphase Installer Toolkit, a mobile app for solar installers.

The new features enable app users to wirelessly connect to the Enphase Envoy Communications Gateway, which connects the system's modules and micro-inverters to Enphase's monitoring software. By connecting to the Enphase Envoy, installers are able to verify the system setup using the mobile app on their smart phone.

Once connected to the Envoy Communications Gateway, installers can use the Installer Toolkit to do the following:

  • Verify that the micro-inverters are activated, communicating and producing power;
  • Configure a Wi-Fi network for reporting to Enlighten;
  • Select a location-specific grid profile for the micro-inverters when necessary; and
  • View and email a summary report to confirm a successful installation.

The Installer Toolkit is available globally in English, French, Italian and German as a free download in the iTunes app store here.

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