Enstall Joins Agile Electrification Project


Enstall has joined the Agile Electrification Project, a partnership with the University of California-San Diego and industry players that aims to help protect solar jobs in the state through cost reduction methods and lowering barriers to powering homes with renewables. 

The project, which the company joined as a founding sponsor, is launching with research projects that include improved bill calibration modeling and advanced accurate customer proposals.

“We’re delighted to be a founding sponsor of the Agile Electrification Project to help protect solar jobs in California,” says Enstall’s Joris Tinbergen. 

“Initiatives like this fit perfectly with Enstall’s efforts to make solar installation fast, safe and easy. We’re dedicated to developing digital tools and hardware that help installers simplify the process of home electrification. California’s new NEM rules will require innovation and new solutions to maintain growth.”

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