EnTech Solutions Unveils Xcape Energy and Storage Solution


EnTech Solutions has unveiled its new Xcape microgrid technology – a resilient energy and battery storage solution that can provide a seamless back-up power supply to avoid disruptions in power.

Commercial and industrial companies lose thousands of dollars every time there is a power blink or an outage, and for many, these outages are a regular monthly or even weekly occurrence.

“Many businesses are interested in microgrid technology, in theory, but do not know where to start and can’t afford the cost of engineering, procuring and constructing one from scratch,” says Scott Romenesko, president of EnTech Solutions. 

“We’ve taken our extensive research and development in microgrid technology and created a product that we know works and can be scaled up or down to fit our customers’ power generation needs,” he adds.

To maximize and optimize renewable energy consumption, Xcape operates on power generated from solar panels and stores excess energy in its battery system. When solar power is not available due to cloud cover or at night, Xcape provides power from the battery system. When connected to a utility, grid power can be utilized if solar and battery power are not available. These three systems ensure dependable, resilient power to business operations at all times.

Photo: EnTech Solutions’ Xcape web page

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